I bought a small strand of turquoise marquise beads a few months ago because they looked so beautiful and smooth to touch. I have always loved the colors of the canyon, blue skies, reds and browns of the canyon walls and unreal blues of water in pools. Of course, the night sky is velvety dark with bright twinkling stars. Though it has been a few years since I visited the Grand Canyon, what I saw is still fresh in my memory. Sedona Sky Necklace reminds me of the beautiful time I had in Phoenix, Sedona and various other small towns along the way and last but not the least the Grand Canyon itself.   

Capture the beauty of blue skies over Sedona in this long necklace. This necklace has a large marquise pendant in the center. A beaded square with Czech beads, seed beads and other beads wraps the eye-catching turquoise colored stone and leads to beaded fringes below. This versatile necklace will be perfect with a skirt and boots or a pair of jeans.

A small quantity of kits will be available soon.