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About Me

My jewelry reflects the complex world of feminine beauty and emotion. I believe a woman expresses herself through jewelry by carefully choosing what she wants to wear every day. A young girl with large dangly feather earrings reflecting her carefree attitude or a new mother with small jewelry so as to not attract the eager eyes and hands of her baby equally enjoy wandering through the jewelry store. Shopping for jewelry and clothes are two immensely satisfying experiences for most women. I hope seeing my jewelry makes your day! I have been beading for about 3 years now and I am completely hooked! I look everywhere for inspiration and then create from within. My designs are more about my desire to bring out the unique beauty of the beads and the woman, rather than having a signature style. That said, I am inspired by fine jewelry and I love to use some gold or silver in my pieces. Sparkly crystals and gemstones in jewel-tones are my favorites.