Printed Leather Pieces for DIY


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***Please read full description***
This is a small collection of Pigskin leather pieces that came my way. I found a company that made really nice handbags, belts, other accessories with leather. He is going out of business because of covid related reasons. He wanted to sell only full skins and I bought several. I am keeping some for my use and would like to sell the rest. I had to cut the pieces by hand 😩.
They are all either shiny, metallic or printed Pigskin Hide, great DIY and Craft Material. The leather hide is light weight yet has a lot of body and would be great for any craft or DIY project. I tried a few for beaded projects and they are working well for me. It works with 10 or 11 sharp needles.

Please note that leather is natural and part of an animal, scars and imperfections are all part of its character and personality.
Some pieces have fold lines or creases. You can see that in the photo. If you are using for bead embroidery, it will not show.

All the pieces are letter size, 8 1/2" by 11". Most of them are slightly larger.
Most of them have metallic finishes, shiny finishes or distressed prints. They are all pretty.
Apart from their use in bead embroidery, these leathers would make a gorgeous wallet, earrings, phone cases or even key chains too.

In this set, all the leather pieces are printed, some are shiny and others are not. See photos.

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