Crystal Assortment Packs


Shipping to United States: $6.00

All these are excellent quality Asian crystals aka Aurora crystals in various shapes and sizes. They work well as great substitutes for Swarovski or other European crystals. This assortment is perfect for adding sparkle for a wide range of segments such as beadweaving, bead embroidery, embellishment, fashion and more.
A sample pack will contain
Sizes and shapes: Various. 1 pear fancy 20*30mm, 1 round fancy 27mm, 1 Solaris fancy 23mm, 1 Pure Leaf 23*11mm, Rivolis 14mm, 3 Ovals in setting, 1 Tilted dice fancy 18*20mm, 2 Pears 13*18mm. There will be other extras like beads, some dichroic cabs and other sparklies.
Be ready for a pleasant surprise!

International Shipping is $18.00 to all destinations. If it is significantly lower to your destination, the difference will be adjusted.

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