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Zaara Necklace

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Evocative of gardens with lotus ponds surrounded by roses and jasmine, Zaara necklace instantly transports you to such a garden at sunset, with a tumble of fragrant petals at your feet.

Zaara Necklace enhances the beauty, shape and sparkle of crystals. It is beaded with golden shades of crystals, metallic seed beads accented with lustrous pearls and seed beads. Wear it with a shimmery silk outfit and velvety perfume and make heads turn in your direction at the next party!

The pendant features several Swarovski crystals arranged like a tumble of lotus petals accented with beautiful crystal or shell pearls is soft colors. Delicate scroll-like details frame the crystals. The pendant hangs from a sliding bail between two beaded beads.

A beaded toggle clasp that looks like flower buds finishes the necklace.

Ndebele Herringbone, Chenille stitch, picots, square and other embellishment stitches were used to create this elegant necklace. This necklace is available as a workshop for students.

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