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Sol y Luna Necklace

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Many of us marvel at the beauty of the sunrise and sunset, the magnificence of the full moon (harvest moon, on rare occasions), and the sight of the first raindrop on a hot summer day. The moon and stars put on an elegant show for us almost every night, each time different in shape and color. Many ancient civilizations and cultures revered the sun, moon, stars, and all things celestial. Even to this day, some cultures worship the Gods associated with the sun, moon, and rain and offer prayers for a plentiful harvest and abundant water in the mighty rivers. Sol y Luna means ‘sun and moon’ in Spanish. A crescent moon is beautiful to look at especially when it peeks above the horizon at twilight. Sol y Luna Necklace draws inspiration from the sun, the rain drops, and my favorite lunar phase, the crescent moon. Sol y Luna is a delightful and flirty necklace that features several tear-drop shaped Czech beads dangling from crescent moon-shaped components. The pendant is round like the sun with a coin pearl bead in the center. The clasp is beaded toggle and bar, using the same shapes that form the necklace. This necklace is reversible too! Sol y Luna will be available in many colors. To purchase kits or patterns, please visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/Nchantme Sol y Luna Necklace 1 Sol y Luna Necklace 2 Sol y Luna Red with logoSol y Luna Necklace 3

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  • Jay on

    Thank you, Deb! I am truly honored that she has considered wearing this necklace on her special day. The pattern is not ready yet. I will send you a message with more info.

  • Deb Kogan on

    Hi-my daughter is in love with the Sol y Luna necklace and would like me to make her one to wear on her wedding day. Can you tell me when and where you’re going to teach it? Alternatively, if there’s no way I can attend any potential classes, would you be willing to sell me a kit? I’m an experienced beader that has been beadweaving for over 20 years. thanks so muc, Deb Kogan

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