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Prancing Peacock Necklace

4 beading beads crystals czechbeads glacier handmade nchantme necklace Necklaces paramesh peacock pip retreat rivoli

The glorious sight of the iridescent blue-green feathers of the peacock is my inspiration for this necklace. Peacock inspired designs in jewelry, clothing, ornaments, china, etc. have always been popular. Now, here’s one more! As a little girl, I grew up seeing and listening to peacocks in the backyard. I remember the sudden darkening of the skies, fat drops of warm rain on my face, smell of the earth and the slow opening of the gorgeous feathers of the peacock. To the song of many different birds, the peacock dances by fanning and quivering his feathers. I remember collecting peacock feathers from parks, backyards and playgrounds and tucking them away in my schoolbooks to bring me luck! So, it comes as no surprise that I would design peacock-inspired jewelry someday! Prancing Peacock Necklace features a stylized graceful peacock in rich blue-green Swarovski Crystals, Czech beads and seed beads. The rope is embellished with feather motif reflecting the colors of the peacock. I have thoroughly enjoyed making this necklace in 2 colors, one with turquoise, teal and antique gold, and the other one in matte gold, brownish greens and antique gold. Both necklaces feature Swarovski rivolis in emerald AB colors. This is a workshop only at this time. Now available in 4 gorgeous colors. The reverse side is fun too, with a secret pocket for favorite photo, healing crystal or a secret microphone if you should need one! Prancing Peacock Necklace D Prancing Peacock Necklace K Prancing Peacock Necklace set Prancing Peacock yellow 1 Prancing Peacock yellow 3Prancing Peacock Necklace Fuchsia 2 logoPrancing Peacock Necklace Reverse 2Prancing Peacock Necklace white 2 logo - CopyPrancing Peacock Necklace white 3 logo  

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