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Peacock Pendant

4 beaded jewelry beads blue crystals green handmade iridescent nchantme.com Necklaces peacock pearls pendant

The glorious sight of the iridescent blue-green feathers of the peacock is my inspiration for this pendant. Peacock inspired designs in jewelry, clothing, Christmas ornaments, china, etc. are everywhere this season! Now, here’s one more! As a little girl, I grew up seeing and listening to peacocks in the backyard. And I have seen peacocks dancing with fanned feathers just before monsoon rains and it is a magnificent sight! I remember collecting peacock feathers from parks, backyards and playgrounds and tucking them away in my schoolbooks to bring me luck! So, it comes as no surprise that I would design peacock inspired jewelry someday! Peacock Pendant features a stylized graceful peacock in rich blue-green colored beads and crystals. Wear it as a pendant, brooch or embellish an evening clutch for a unique look. Many more peacock inspired designs will be coming soon!  

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  • MaryBeth Scott on

    Dear Jay,

    Your designs are Awesomely Beautiful!!!!! I crochet, but my 16 yr. old Granddaughter is learning to make jewelry. I hope that she can be as good as You are some day! Thank You sooo much for sharing your designs here for all to see. I would love to see what U have for sale too. Do U teach others to create like U do? Dari could learn soooo much from U. Have a Wonderful Blessed Day! Hugs, MaryBeth
  • Priya on

    hello Jay,
    Peacock pendant is beautiful, do you have a kit for this pendant that i can buy it, please advice me.hope i can take classes in future with you, love your work. i am enjoying your temple earring, chandelier and cosmo bracelet. your instructions are very easy to follow.

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