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Painted Lily Necklace

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My first new project for 2016 is Painted Lily Necklace. Why Painted Lily for the name? The color palette was inspired by Monet’s famous “Water Lilies” paintings. The symphony of blues, greens, lavenders, creams and pinks in his paintings has a hypnotic effect on the audience. As the morning fog lifts on the beautiful ponds and lakes, barely there hues of water and the blooming water lilies take on a misty sweet color palette which is intensified by the rising sun. This necklace has many components that look like water lilies in a beaded frame. The lavender honeycomb beads have an oil paint-like luster. The flower I stitched was bold, like a mosaic flower made with small tiles. I decided to frame the flower with soft green and gold beads. To me, each component looks like a mini painting framed with beads. As I looked at the strings of honeycomb 2 hole beads, I was unsure of what I was going to do with them. They are geometric 6 sided beads with 2 sets of holes. The holes are directional which meant that I could not criss-cross through the holes. After playing around with them for a while, I decided they would work well for designs much like tiles and mosaics for paintings. I decided to make flower motifs, which is not surprising given my fondness for flowers. It was very challenging at first. Honeycomb beads have to align in a specific way otherwise the holes will not be available for adding beads in an organized manner. After a few false starts, I figured out how to add beads and seamlessly move on with creating my design. This necklace can be assembled in two ways, the collar style and bib necklace style. For this project, I used honeycomb beads, super duos and mini duos, seed beads, Czech rounds and firepolish. This is a versatile design that translates well into bracelets and earrings. It is beaded with honeycomb beads, super duos, mini duos, and other beads. Techniques: Square stitch, ladder, picot and other stitches. Level: Confident beginners This is a 3 hour class offered only for teaching at this time.   Painted Lily Necklace 1 logo Painted Lily Necklace blue 1 Painted Lily Necklace blue 3 Painted Lily Necklace set Painted Lily Necklace white 3 Painted Lily Necklace 4 logo Painted Lily Earrings 1  

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