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My bead studio: Hakuna Matata zone

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"Hakuna Matata; what a wonderful phrase Hakuna Matata; It ain’t no passing craze It means no worries, for the rest of your days. It’s our problem free, philosophy... HAKUNA MATATA!" So goes the song from The Lion King, a Walt Disney production. The Lion King is one my favorite movies, one that I watched with my kids several times and enjoyed the musical version in the theater. ‘Hakuna Matata’, in the African language of Swahili means ‘No Worries’. Here is a peek at my bead studio or in other words, my bead tent. It is a ‘Worry Free’ zone, a place where I go on a bead safari. I am surrounded by all things beautiful, from my colorful and sparkly beads to photos of family and friends. This is where I dream, I create. It is still work in progress, but it is perfect for now.  A few years ago, I went with my family to Africa and nothing was ever the same after that. It was rocking nature at its most awesome. The animals, birds, wide open grasslands, rivers and mountains were magical. The colorful clothing and jewelry of the Maasai people is a sight to behold! After we came back, I decorated my kids’ rooms with scenes from Africa. One room was modeled after a tented camp with scenes painted from what we saw.  Another had a mural of a giraffe at sunset. Now, the tented camp is the place I go on a safari with my beads every day. Here are some photos. I will post more when rest of the room is done. Happy viewing! My Studio 1My Studio 2My Studio 3My Studio 4My Studio 5      

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  • Andrea Taylor on

    Your tidy work room with well organized containers put’s my work space to shame. It very well laid out-nice and fresh and beautiful,just like the gorgeous work you do. All the best. Warm Blessings Andrea

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