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Mocha Lisa Necklace

4 Bead and Button show beaded beaded jewelry beading coffee czech button DIY drop fun handmade handmade jewelry jayashree paramesh light roast mocha lisa nchantme nchantme.com necklace Necklaces pendant seed beads sparkle

Untitled Session20526 - CopyUntitled Session20526 - Copy“There is too much coffee in my blood stream” says a friend to me. I live in a city which is full of coffee lovers and every other store in town is a coffee shop. There is coffee in ice cream, yogurt, tea (that’s true!), cookies, soaps, lotions, and the list is long. So, I am adding one more item to the list. Coffee in jewelry. I love a good cup of coffee with milk and sugar. I have been drinking coffee since high school, starting off with mostly milk and now I am at 2 shots of coffee with equal amount of milk. As a mom, I don’t get to wake up to the smell of coffee. I wake up so that my family is able to smell the coffee when they wake up!.Untitled Session20524 - Copy Nevertheless, I enjoy fixing myself a good cuppa and watching the sunrise. I saw some coffee bean beads few months ago and was attracted to them. I bought some and finally after a few cups of coffee used them in a necklace and bracelet. Wear Mocha Lisa necklace for gathering around the coffee machine for gossip at work or as a reminder that your coffee break is coming up. These delicious looking coffee bean beads are Czech glass. They come in many shades of brown and black. I have used light roast color, with seed beads in white, cream and black colors.  It is most definitely a conversation starter, and the curious will wonder if they smell good. These are good to the last bead! I have to go now, to get more coffee! Instructions and kits coming soon. Ambroccino Necklace 1Ambroccino Necklace 2   Untitled Session20524 - CopyUntitled Session20526 - Copy Untitled Session20524 - CopyUntitled Session20526Untitled Session20524 - Copy Untitled Session20526

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