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Mira Necklace

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Purples and yellows, pinks and white and many other colors in between, the airy and light December flowers bloom profusely in gardens and along the roadside in the month of December. I have wonderful memories of plucking a basketful of flowers and tying them into a garland (lei) to wear on my hair just above where my thick braids began. I was in middle school and I had learned how to tie flowers on a string without a needle. (It is still done this way in many parts of India to make beautiful garlands).  All I needed was a ball of string in my hand and I could make a garland while wandering through our garden, plucking flowers and singing to myself!. Often, the flower seller with a large basket on her head would walk on the street, calling out loudly “ Malli, Roja, December poovu..!”(Jasmine, roses, december flowers..!)I would run outside, call her to our doorstep and my mother would buy some flowers by the yard! I would wear several inches of colorful December flower garlands almost every day. Inspired by my love for the December flowers, I designed Mira necklace for a friend who loves flowers in pale colors. The same design looks very dramatic in shimmering purple and gold! Beaded herringbone rope embellished with petite pearls and crystals with a flower dangle. Instruction and kit will be available soon!    

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