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Marbella Pendant

4 beaded beading blue czech button gold handmade jayashree marbella nchantme necklace Necklaces paramesh pendant purple seed beads sparkle

Recently, I stumbled upon another collection of Czech buttons that I couldn’t resist buying. I loved one of them with a rhinestone encrusted center, surrounded by swirly, lacey patterns in gold. I beaded around the edges and on the button itself and Marbella pendant was born! Marbella pendant will remind you of beautiful blue waters, dotted with lilies and lotus on a sunny day. Easy to make in a few hours, this pendant will be perfect for day or evening. The design itself brings back sweet memories of rangoli or kolam, patterns made on the floor or walls with rice powder for decoration in India. Floral or lotus patterns are very popular and easy to do. These designs translate very well in jewelry and textiles. Made with Czech button, seed beads, fire-polished beads. Instructions and kits coming soon to www.nchantme.com. IMG_1590 IMG_1594  

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