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Luxora Bracelet and Luxora Pendant

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The allure of the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt has attracted millions of visitors over time. The spectacular pyramids, each one taller than the last, dot the wide, sandy expanse of the desert. With their sharp, geometric lines and perfect symmetry, they leave a lasting impression in the minds of the viewers. Enter the chambers inside the pyramids through narrow passages and prepare to be stunned. The chambers are large, painted with grand funerary scenes and artifacts that are more than 4000 years old. The Land of the Pharaohs has inspired jewelry designers with beautiful patterns of lotus, papyrus, snakes, use of gold and gemstones, hieroglyphs and more. The Pyramids of Giza are a great source of inspiration as well, one that I have chosen to use for this bracelet and pendant called Luxora Bracelet and Luxora Pendant. I have been seeing these Czech glass stud beads in many colors and wanted to try them in a design. So, I got a couple of colors from York Beads a few months ago and this is the result! Luxora Bracelet and Luxora Pendant will add a hint of tough-girl edge to your casual outfits. Beaded with studs and seed beads, the sharp, geometric shapes blend well with feminine colors. Hang the pendant from a silk ribbon or sueded cord for a stylish, casual look.  Works well with leather pants and silky dresses. Jay blue squares 1 Jay blue squares 2 Jay blue squares 4 Jay blue squares 6Luxora Bracelet Coral Blue 1Luxora Bracelet Coral Blue 2Luxora Bracelet Coral Turq 3

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