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Laguna and Blue Lake Earrings

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Going to the beach has always been a favorite activity of mine. When I was a little girl, it meant digging in the wet sand, eating ice cream and playing along the water’s edge. Years later, I enjoyed swimming, snorkeling and walking along the beach in the early morning hours with the cool, salty breeze in my face. I close my eyes and I can imagine the sound of the crashing waves, sea foam along the beach, unique, shimmery shells and sand between my toes. I have sea glass, shells and driftwood that I have collected over the years in my garden. Reliving the memory of my trips to the beach, I designed Laguna and Blue Lake Earrings. Beachy and cool, these dangle earrings in white, cobalt and turquoise beads are easy to make. Pair it with your favorite  maxi or a pair of denim cutoffs. Instructions and Kits will be available soon. Laguna Earrings 2Laguna Earrings 1Blue Lake Earrings 1Blue Lake Earrings 2

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