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Honu Pendant

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A few weeks ago, I was given a gift of polished stones by someone I was meeting for the first time.Mary had a box full of stones and told me to pick whatever I wanted. Apart from being an accomplished beader herself, she also enjoys collecting stones along the river banks, trails and her property. Then, she cuts and polishes them. The pattern that emerges from every stone is a surprise. How cool is that? I have been looking at these stones on my shelf, waiting for the right idea to come along. The inspiration to bead this pendant came last night. And a few hours later, it is done and I love it! The stone I chose was a fossil and had beautiful, light brown patterns all over. It was polished on both sides. It looked like a turtle shell. The size and shape of the stone cabochon would be perfect for a turtle pendant. Some years ago, on a family vacation to Hawaii, we saw some endangered green sea turtles in a small pool of water. They were gliding around with the tide on Big Island’s black sand beach. It was awesome to see these gentle creatures in their natural habitat. Honu pendant will always be a beautiful reminder of my special time on the beaches of Hawaii. Hawaiians call the turtle ‘Honu’ and it is revered as a guardian spirit. In Hawaiian mythology, it is considered as a bearer of good fortune, a monster that will vanquish the enemies in times of danger, a living bridge that unites lovers, as a guiding spirit that will help someone lost at sea to find his way home. The stone cab was bezeled with seed beads, the flippers and tail are seed beads as well. A handmade ceramic bead forms the head. Here are some photos. Better photos coming soon! Honu Pendant on scrapbook page 1 Honu Pendant from scrapbook page 2 Honu Pendant 5 Honu Pendant 4 Honu Pendant 3  

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  • Jay on

    Hi Patty,
    Thank you! Tutorial is not ready yet. Maybe soon along with few other animal pendants. Please check my posts. Jay

  • Patty on

    I love this…is there a tutorial of it??

  • Jay on

    I am planning on doing it in the summer. If you would like to try yourself, bezel around the stone in peyote stitch and use square stitch for legs.

  • connie Tulk on

    I would love to recieve a tutorial on this piece? How can I get one? Thank you.

  • sheila prose on

    Simple and beautiful

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