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Fjord Fantasy Necklace

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I was given a long, blue- gray crystal pendant made by Swarovski a few months ago. When I held it in my hand the first thought that came to mind was “This is beautiful!” I decided to design a necklace to complement and showcase the bead. Now, gray is usually not a color I use in my jewelry. I use silver and black from time to time and gray was going to be a challenge. The pendant was almost 2” long, with a sharp point and perfectly cut. It reminded me of icicles. With some design possibilities in mind, I gathered the beads and started beading. Fjord Fantasy necklace was the result! I love the clean lines of this necklace. The pendant bead hangs from a cluster of silver crystals and beaded rope, the necklace fjords from this point and goes around the neck. All the colors, the shimmer and sparkle of this necklace are reminiscent of glaciers, icicles and icy streams. I wonder how this design will look in warm or bright colors. I guess I will find out in a few weeks. Fjord Fantasy Necklace is available for sale here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Nchantme Fjord Fantasy Necklace 1 logoFjord Fantasy Necklace 2 with logoIMG_2342IMG_2366 Fjord fantasy Necklace Stormy sea 1 Fjord fantasy Necklace ice water 1 Fjord fantasy Necklace Glacier sunset 2

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