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Fair Maiden Necklace

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  Fair Maiden Necklace has been published in Perlen Poesie Magazine, issue #19! I am thrilled to see my design featured in the magazine along with several wonderful projects for beaders around the world. Here is a little background about the necklace before I sent off the package to Germany. In the summer, a few months ago, I was visiting my family in India and took a small collection of beads to make small beaded gifts for friends and family. I always have several sizes of seed beads in gold, more gold and some silver in my travelling bead kit. And I had a few other colors and some sparkling crystals. I spent several hot and humid afternoons with my grandmother by my side, and she was so intrigued by all the beading materials and wanted to learn beading. Being 87 years old, she suddenly declared one morning that she was too old to start learning to bead but instead would sit by me and watch. So, we spent the next few days beading and chatting. She told me she was partial to round and teardrop designs. So, that’s what I decided to do. Pick round beads and make teardrop or leaf shaped components. After a few days of comments and praise about the size, color and shape of the necklace from my grandmother and mom, the Fair Maiden Necklace was finally finished. I made a ring for my grandmother with one of the components which she proudly wore to the airport to see me off! This is one of my top favorites in my collection and you can also make one for yourself. Pattern for this necklace is in the Perlen Poesie magazine. It is available in German and English. To buy a copy of the English version go to http://www.perlen-poesie.us/ Kits and tutorials are available here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Nchantme Below are the photos of my design as it appears in the magazine and the cover of the issue. Thank you to Friedhelm Ott of Perlen Poesie for the photographs! The three following photos are my own, clearly showing details and different views of the necklace. FMPA9898 PERLEN POESIE 19IMG_2070IMG_2076IMG_2089IMG_2396    

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