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Earstuds or Earwires?

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Every time I come up with a design for earrings, I can’t decide if I want to hang it from ear wires or ear studs. As a bead jewelry artist, it is easier for me to use ear wires instead of ear studs. Why? Because ear wires are just wires though they come in various lengths and materials. Some of them have levers in the back that lock the earrings in place and make it harder to lose an earring. Choose the style, type of metal and length and hang the beaded portion from the loop and I am done. Sounds easy, right? Not for me! I love ear studs. Therefore, I look for the perfect ear stud components for my designs. I am always looking for the right color, size and finish and sometimes the number of loops to hang the beads from. There are just a handful of styles available, usually dome or half dome, a small stone in pronged setting or a few stamped patterns. So, I set myself a challenge to make ear studs to match my design every time I wanted it. After a couple of years, I have finally come up with beaded ear stud design that I love! It is easy to use with a variety of beads and matches the dangle portion of the earrings perfectly. And, there is no glue or cloth backing. It works up in a few minutes. Since most of my inspiration comes from fine jewelry where ear studs are the popular choice of jewelers instead of ear wires, I am particularly happy with my breakthrough! And there are a couple of other reasons why I personally love ear studs. For people like me with small ear lobes, ear studs offer greater stability unlike ear wires that stretch the lobes. Ear studs also cover the lobes and add a dash of sparkle or color to it. Here are two of my new designs Asmara Earrings and Stardust Earrings. The beaded portion of ear studs uses the same beads that make up the dangle portion and it is fastened with earnuts in the back. Asmara EarringsStardust Earrings20558-220558-2Stardust Earrings Crystal Coral 1Stardust Earrings Crystal Blackberry 1

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