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Cosmo Cuff

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Almost a year ago, I was playing with Swarovski crystal cubes in my collection and wondering what to do with them.  I knew I wanted to use them in bead stitching and started thinking about the best way to incorporate the cube shape into the design. I arranged them in various ways and they started to look  like the modern buildings along the city’s skyline! Inspired by the architecture and geometry of the buildings in the downtown area, I designed the Cosmo Cuff. I am very thrilled that it has been featured on the cover of Beadwork April/May 2013 issue. The bracelet drapes around the wrist beautifully and is perfect for wearing to work or for social events. May I recommend you get a copy of Beadwork and try beading Cosmo Cuff? Cosmo Cuff blog photo 1Cosmo Cuff blog photo 3My photo with Cosmo CuffCosmo Cuff blog photo 4

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  • Melissa Grakowsky Shippee on

    Keep Rockin’, Jay! This is an awesome design!

  • Sue on

    Hi Jayashree,

    I love the Cosmo cuff bracelet, can you tell me what colors of crystals and seed beads you used for the pink version? Thank you.

  • Sue Charette-Hood on

    Just read this on your blog……I am almost finished Cosmo but had to buy extra cubes since my wrist is a bigger size than yours. Hope to finish it before end of August when it travels with me on holiday to SC and Georgia.
    Thanks again for a superb class in Michigan.
    Sue Charette-Hood

  • Wendy Heitzman on

    Absolutely love your Cosmo Cuff. Got my Beadwork in the mail, and went out and bought needed materials the same day! Came out beautifully in turquoise and rose bronze. Complements never stop when I wear it. Thanks, and keep the wonderful designs coming. Think my next big project will be the Paisley necklace :)

  • Ronda on

    Jayashree, your Cosmo Cuff is gorgeous. I would like to do the silver version. Can you tell me the colors you used for this version. Thank you so much for your help.

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