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Bindi Earrings

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Bindi is a visually attractive form of facial decoration. People of Hindu faith attach a great deal of importance to bindi, usually a red dot applied on the forehead, in between the eyebrows. There are many reasons for this, one of them being that this spot is considered as the 6th Chakra, the seat of concealed wisdom. Bindi is said to suggest the mystic third eye of a person. It is the center point where the energy from the base of spine rises and gathers during meditation. A red dot of vermilion was supposed to retain this energy for one’s well-being.

Bindi is also known as ‘sindoor’, ‘kumkum’,’tika’ in various parts of India. Traditional Indian women wear bindi or sindoor every day. It is usually red in color. With a practiced fingertip, they apply a perfect round dot on their forehead. Some who may not be skilled in the art of bindi application rely on lipstick to apply a dot on their forehead and then dab the vermilion powder on to the lipstick dot.

The Indian bride is draped in a gorgeous sari and bedecked with glittering jewelry, henna, and a dazzling red bindi on her forehead as she enters the wedding hall. All the ladies and girls are also decked out in glittering outfits with bindis to match. These days’ bindis are just a fashion statement. They are available in many shapes and designs, with crystals, gold and silver embedded in the design. They are like stickers and all you have to do is just peel one to match your outfit and stick it on your forehead. It is gaining in popularity in the West too along with henna. See photos below!

Bindi Earrings are made with laser-cut Lucite cabs, seed beads and Czech beads. They are very light and come in an array of colors. This particular design reminded me of bindis and hence the name. Of course, the earrings are much larger than any bindi I have come across! Kits coming soon in a few different colors.

To purchase this kit please go to https://www.etsy.com/shop/Nchantme

Bindi earrings turq back Bindi earrings turqbindi photo 1bindi photo 2Bindi Earrings Ivory 2 EtsyBindi Earrings Marsala 2 EtsyBindi Earrings Black pearl silverBindi Earrings Coral SilverBindi Earrings Lt Turquoise silver

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  • Vesna on

    I am wondering if you still sell bindi earring kits .
    Please let me know because I don’t see them on your Etsy store
    Thank you ,Vesna

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