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Bead and Button Show 2015

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Bead and Button Show 2015 was a great experience. I taught 6 classes, out of which 5 were new designs. Venezia, Adora, Aaliyah necklaces, Luxora Bracelet and Stardust Earrrings were on the list this year. I enjoyed the students in each and every class and hope they had fun in my classes! I was so thrilled to see some familiar faces and equally thrilled to meet new students. Some of them have become good friends over the years.

I came back to a busy home; my son’s high school graduation only 2 days away, a few graduation parties to attend and another son ready to leave for college! Finally, all the celebrations are over, guests have left and I have the house to myself. I am not sure I’m enjoying the silence in my home! Being around beads and people who love beads is energizing. I am already looking forward to teaching my next class!

I was thrilled to see Asmara Earrings featured on the banner at the entrance to the Wisconsin Center. Those earrings will soon be available as kits and tutorial. Here are some photos from Bead and Button 2015. Most of them are photos taken in the classroom. I just realized that I did not take that many photos!

I have listed some new items in my shop. I taught these classes a couple of years ago at Bead and Button. Here is the link to my store. https://www.etsy.com/shop/Nchantme?ref=hdr_shop_menu

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