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Aurelia Necklace

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Aurelia necklace is where heritage meets high style. This semi-rigid necklace draws inspiration from simple hammered gold jewelry from ancient civilizations and makes it contemporary with a triangular crystal pendant. This necklace gets its name from ‘aurum’ which means gold in Latin. As I have mentioned in my blogs before, I love ancient art and architecture and have been fortunate enough to visit some of the places rich in ancient history. One common design element that I noticed was the use of hammered gold or silver in jewelry. A sheet of gold was hammered and cut into strips or a geometric shape, studded with large gemstones and worn. The rarest gemstones were reserved for the king or the queen. Even today, some tribes in Africa wear striking hammered gold or silver jewelry that would work very well on the fashion runway. With a wide of variety of seed beads available these days, it is not hard to replicate the look of hammered metal and that is what I have done with this necklace. It is lightweight and perfect for girls of all ages! Now available in Hammered Gold, Blue Zircon. Dark Silver coming soon! Kits and tutorials are available here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Nchantme IMG_2161 - CopyIMG_2171 - CopyUntitled Session20511 1Aurelia Necklace gold logoAurelia Necklace Platinum Silver 1Aurelia Necklace-crystal

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