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Acacia and Omo for Turmi Challenge

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Say the word ‘Africa’ and it evokes the vivid images of migrating herds of zebras and wildebeest, lions and elephants, endless dry earth, open grasslands and the colorful, rich culture of the native people. When I saw the Non-Blogger & Blogger Challenge - Turmi posted by Dini Bruinsma, it only took me a few minutes before I decided to enter the challenge. I loved the inspiration photo. A few members of the Turmi tribe hanging out together on market day? Entering this challenge meant that I had to leave the world of pretty flowers, sparkly crystals and shiny gold and silver at least temporarily! I surrounded myself with beads in earthy colors and I found my string of shell beads in zebra pattern. Slowly, ideas began to form. Acacia and Omo Earrings and Bracelet celebrate the flora, fauna and the people of Africa. Full of earthy colors and contrasts, both designs are evocative of the colorful beaded jewelry of the Turmi people. Acacia Earrings and Bracelet is inspired by the acacia tree which grows almost all over in Africa. Dry, hot plains with a lone acacia tree and a giraffe nearby came to mind when I thought of Africa. Madagascar Jasper marquise hand cut stones in graduated sizes were perfect. To me, the mottled patterns and colors on these stones reflected the landscape of Africa perfectly. I also picked seed beads in dark green, yellow and ochre that mimicked the body paint colors that the natives use to adorn themselves. Omo Earrings and Bracelet is my second entry for the Turmi challenge. This was very fun to design. The flat round shell beads with zebra print were perfect. These days, I can’t seem to use large beads, however attractive, without sprinkling a pinch of seed beads somewhere. So, I decided to embellish the zebra beads with seed beads in red ochre, yellow, and dark clay. The simple peyote and Ndebele herringbone pattern is inspired by the jewelry and head dresses the natives wear as part of their everyday attire. I am still thinking about a third entry. I know I will be adding to my Africa collection long after this challenge is over! Thank you, Dini Bruinsma, for hosting this challenge! Here is her blog site with lots of interesting information and pictures.  http://angazabychanges.blogspot.nl/

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