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Painted Lily Necklace

4 Bead and Button show beaded jewelry beading dangle DIY Earrings gold green handmade handmade jewelry jayashree paramesh necklace Necklaces

My first new project for 2016 is Painted Lily Necklace. Why Painted Lily for the name? The color palette was inspired by Monet’s famous “Water Lilies” paintings. The symphony of blues, greens, lavenders, creams and pinks in his paintings has a hypnotic effect on the audience. As the morning fog lifts on the beautiful ponds and lakes, barely there hues of water and the blooming water lilies take on a misty sweet color palette which is intensified by the rising sun. This necklace has many components that look like water lilies in a beaded frame. The lavender honeycomb beads have an...

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Bindi Earrings

4 Bead and Button show bead jewelry beaded beading classes DIY Earrings German handmade jewelry jayashree paramesh lucite nchantme.com seed beads turquoise

Bindi is a visually attractive form of facial decoration. People of Hindu faith attach a great deal of importance to bindi, usually a red dot applied on the forehead, in between the eyebrows. There are many reasons for this, one of them being that this spot is considered as the 6th Chakra, the seat of concealed wisdom. Bindi is said to suggest the mystic third eye of a person. It is the center point where the energy from the base of spine rises and gathers during meditation. A red dot of vermilion was supposed to retain this energy for one’s...

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Marina Pendant

4 Bead and Button show bead jewelry beaded crystals dangle DIY fish fun handmade jewelry jasper nchantme Necklaces ocean jasper Pendant symbolism

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…I could go on! I have read that story to my kids over and over again when they were little. I enjoyed it too. I never tired of looking at fish in the aquarium in the pre-school classroom, Dr.’s offices, in pools and streams. Snorkeling and seeing colorful fish and coral reefs is my favorite activity when I go on vacation to beachy destinations.   Fish themed jewelry has been around for centuries. In the Chinese culture, the fish is revered as a symbol of unity and wealth. A pair of fish is...

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Melodie Necklace (Beading in the Ozark Project)

4 Bead and Button show bead jewelry beaded beaded jewelry beads classes crystals dangle DIY handmade jewelry jayashree paramesh nchantme Necklaces pearls sparkle swarovski

I have always wanted to bead a long necklace without the use of a large pendant. When I started beading Melodie, it was just going to be a long rope with several embellished segments. Somewhere along the way, I found beautiful large pearls and I wanted to use them. I thought of making a lariat but the beads didn’t want to cooperate. I thought of stitching the open ends together and that didn’t look right either. After a couple of days, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Here is the finished necklace. I love that this necklace has...

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Tiffany Bracelet

4 Bead and Button show bead jewelry beaded beaded jewelry beading blue Bracelet classes crystals DIY handmade handmade jewelry jayashree paramesh nchantme sparkle swarovski

I have always loved the blue color that is trademark Tiffany. The beautiful blue semi-glaze beads reminded me of Tiffany and the bracelet I created ended up like a piece of fine jewelry. Classy, delicate and charming with a vintage feel, Tiffany Bracelet is one-of-a kind, just like you! The sparkle of crystals, coupled with pearls, gemstones and seed beads provides a touch of elegance for your wrist. The centerpiece of this bracelet blooms like an exquisite flower with a halo of sparkly crystals perfectly stitched with pearls, semi-precious gemstones and seed beads. It is seamlessly connected to the side...

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