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Spinning Triangles Brooch/Pendant

Jay Paramesh Uncategorized

Were you the type of person who loved pinwheels as a child? You can enjoy one now except it is a piece of meticulously beaded eye-catching jewelry! The tantalizing Spinning Triangle Brooch/Pendant is my latest project. What a fun way to use peyote stitch to make an undulating, dimensional piece of jewelry! My friend, Gowri P., an accomplished beader herself, taught me how to make a twisted triangle in a fun and food-filled afternoon! This is a variation of the twisted triangle. Featuring two tiers of triangles, each mimics the shape of a pinwheel. Look at it long enough and it moves! Well, almost! A perfect accessory for a busy person! Wear it as a brooch or a scarf pin, as a pendant or add some glamour to your evening bag! Turquoise blue, deep purple and antique gold seed beads make an attractive combination and a crystal button in the center adds an extra dose of sparkle to this piece!

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