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Silk Road Chandelier Drop Earrings

Jay Paramesh brick stitch chandelier drop crystals drop Earrings green handmade jayparam orange seed beads Silk Road

Silk Road Chandelier Drop Earrings Wonderful patterns and colors have been the hallmark of silk carpets for centuries. If you are looking for color combinations that blend harmoniously together, then you need to look no further! A silk carpet or rug is all you need to decide your color palette. I started laying out several tubes of beads and crystals in matching colors on my favorite silk rug. Soon, there were at least two dozen colors and I had the difficult job of selecting only a few. Looking at the colors in front of me, I knew what I wanted to do. Make a pair of statement making earrings, glittering with crystals and surrounded by lustrous beads. Gorgeous, ‘skip the necklace’ Silk Road Chandelier Drop Earrings are lightweight and easy to wear. It is done mostly in brick stitch with a little bit of peyote and picot for embellishment. Perfect for a romantic evening or a fun get together with friends! Instructions and kits will be available in 2013!

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