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Pagoda Necklace

Jay Paramesh asia crystals delica dimensional gift gold handmade jayparam necklace Necklaces pagoda pagoda necklace pearls peyote ruby swarovski

As a lover of all things ancient from distant lands, my favorite visits have always included places of worship be it temples, churches, mosques or gurudwaras.  The architectural beauty of these buildings makes them stand out from rest of the structures around them. Once you enter you are overwhelmed by the use of ornamentation of every sort. It could be colorful tiles, use of gold and gemstones, intricate carvings all along the walls, beautiful paintings depicting the religious stories, the high ceilings or breath-taking stained glass windows. Add to this the sweet smell of flowers and incense, haunting music, rhythmic sound of the bells and it will surely be an unforgettable experience. Pagoda Necklace is a glittering display of gold and red beads. Small, dimensional pyramid-shaped units in gold and red seed beads are embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls. Full of intricate detail not unlike the pagodas of Asia, this necklace combines elegant beauty with exotic style. Kits and instructions will be available in 2013 and until then I would like to wish you “Happy Beading!”                              

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