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Mahal Necklace Reversible

Jay Paramesh Necklaces

I have been saving several strands of semi-precious beads waiting for the right project to come along.  Finally, it did! This is one of my favorite necklaces for two reasons. One, it is elegant. Two, it is reversible! On one side, it is ruby colored and on the other, emerald. Rubies and emeralds are a perfect match for antique gold beads and here I have used glass beads, seed beads and yellow jade to achieve the same antique fine jewelry look. Mahal means ‘palace’. I can visualize queens and princesses wearing a necklace similar to this as part of their everyday attire and strolling through the palace grounds! Of course, their jewelry would have been dripping with the finest gemstones, pearls and pure gold! To make this piece, I used 4mm yellow jade beads, 3mm fire-polished rounds, size 14 seed beads, 8mm antique gold glass beads and fringe beads. Available in several color combinations. Instruction and kits will be available soon!

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