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Coral Roses

Jay Paramesh Earrings Necklaces

Going to the gem show is a lot of fun. The first time I went, I was overwhelmed, to say the least by the sight of several tables overflowing with pearls, gemstones and crystals. I bought a lot of beads, findings, and accessories to keep me busy for a long time or so I thought! When the next gem show came around, there I was, with a big bag and a list of must-buy items. Recently, I bought a strand of coral roses, hoping to use it in an attractive design later on. I had been seeing many casual beaders buying coral roses and wondered what they do with it. Finally, I made a necklace using only one coral rose in the pendant. I hope to make some other versions of this necklace with more roses. Sea Rose necklace is easy to make if you are familiar with circular peyote and picot stitches. For the pendant, I started with the rose in the center, used pearls and corals in different shapes and sizes and  added some gold seed beads to give it a little sparkle. For the necklace, I strung matching beads with crystal spacers, placed the pendant in the middle and finished it. I also made earrings to match.

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