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Catarina Necklace

Jay Paramesh Necklaces

Many years ago, during a visit to a famous museum, I remember being captivated by the sight of bejeweled Faberge eggs and other jewelry from Russia. Expensive gemstones, intricate detail and ornate floral accents gave them an heirloom quality. Inspired by what I saw, I created this gorgeous, multi-color crystal encrusted pendant. Impactful from a distance, this unique necklace is full of intricate detail. The pendant has been meticulously stitched one bead at a time and adorned with Swarovski crystal spacers in multi-colors for a spectacular finish. The necklace chain has been made with gold beads and is very flexible and easy to wear. Pendant is removable and can be used with bulkier chains or silk ribbons easily for a new look! This is easily one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and I enjoy wearing it frequently! 

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